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  • Adobe CC Winter Collection Nov 2017 Torrent Download

    Adobe CC Winter Collection Nov 2017 Torrent Download

    Adobe CC Winter Collection Nov 2017

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    What’s inside

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

    – Adobe Acrobat CC 2018

    Adobe Prelude CC 2018

    Adobe Audition CC 2018

    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018

    Adobe InDesign CC 2018

    Adobe Animate CC 2018

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018

    Adobe Muse CC 2018

    Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

    Adobe After Effects CC 2018

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2018

    – Adobe Character AnimatorCC 2018

    – Adobe Dimension CC2018

    – AdobeInCopy CC 2018

    – Adobe Bridge CC 2018

    – Adobe XD CC

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    Disk 1

    Adobe Acrobat DC Professional 32-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe After Effects CC 2017 64-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Animate CC 2017 64-bit (Russia and the United Kingdom)

    Adobe Audition CC 2017 64-bit (English only)

    Adobe Bridge CC 2017 32-bit (Russia and the United Kingdom)

    Adobe Bridge CC 2017 64-bit (LanguageRusi and English)

    AdobeCharacter AnimatorCC 64-bit (English only)

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 32-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 64-bit (Russia and the United Kingdom)

    Adobe ExtendScript 32-bit CC Toolkit (English only)

    Adobe Extension Manager CC 32-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Fuse CC 2017 32-bit (English only)

    Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 32-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 64-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe InCopy CC 2017 32-bit (Russian English)

    Adobe InCopyCC 2017 64-bit (Russian andEnglish)

    32-bitCC-2017 InDesign Adobe (Russian and English)

    Adobe InDesign CC 2017 64-bit (Russian and English)

    64-bit 64-bit Chrome Media Encoder (Russian and English)

    Adobe Muse CC 2017 64-bit (Russia and the United Kingdom)

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 32-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 64-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 32-bit (English only)

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 64-bit (English only)

    AdobePrelude CC 2017 64-bit (Russia and the United Kingdom)

    Adobe PremiereProfessionalCC 2017 64-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Scout CC 64-bit (English only)

    Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015 64-bit (Russian and English)

    Adobe Acrobat Distiller 32-bit DC (Russia and UK)

    Disk 2

    Adobe Audition CS6 32-bit (English only)

    Adobe Encore CS6 64-bit (English only)

    Adobe Fireworks CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)

    32-bit Adobe Flash Builder (English only)

    Adobe Flash BuilderSlegs 64-bit English)

    32-bit Adobe Flash Professional CS6 (Russian and English)

    32-bit AdobePrelude CS6(English only)

    Adobe BridgeCS6 32-bit (Russian and English)

    `Adobe Bridge CS6 64-bit (Russian and English)

    “ Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS6 32-bit (English only)

    `Adobe Extension Manager CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)

    `Adobe Media Encoder CS6 32-bit (Russian and English)

    `Adobe Media Encoder 64-bit CS6 (Russian and English)

    `ExchangePanel for CS6 (English only)

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  • Baidu Antivirus Free Download Torrent

    Baidu Antivirus Free Download Torrent

    Baidu Antivirus

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    Baidu Antivirus is a security software created by the main Beijings company. This free beta version is fully English and provides excellent computer protection. You can also send feedback to Baidu and help change the function of the last post. Even in beta, Baidu Antivirus has all the basics to stop and search for viruses.


    BaiduAntivirus includes a full scan that will check your entire computer, quickly scan for high-level problemspersonal scanning for specific problems. You can also choose real-time protection with additional features such as file system protection, proactive defense, access to network access and self-defense. Unfortunately, most of the more complex functions contain only short roles that briefly explain what they do.

    BaiduAntivirus also contains a feedback window in which you can recommend or report a Baidu error. You can easily attach a photo or file to explainyour message. There are options to give your contact details, such as email, line, MSN and even Facebook.


    Baidu Antivirus has a large icon that makes it very easy to understand. The first time you open the application, the full, quick or custom scan button will be displayed. The arrows on the right will show real-time protection tables. Here you can move the large switch to turn the switch on and off.

    You can continue to customizeBaidu Antivirus in the advanced settings menu. Here you can schedule automatic opening and scanning and choose what is happening in the quarantine program and how carefully each scan is. There is also a button for quickly launching sites and communities of the Baidus community.


    Baidu Antivirus looks clean thanks to its easy white and blue colors. All its functions are presented intuitively and we did not find any errors or humidity. Fullscanning may take a long time, but the scanning of the process does not significantly affect the performance of the computer. You have to remember that Baidu Antivirus beta does not have any sound or pop-ups informing you that the work is done.


    Baidu Antivirus is an effective tool to protect your computer. Beta works well without any effort. If you have any problems, Baidu will be happy to hear an opinion on how you can improve Baidu Antivirus.

    Rating 44 3


  • Windroy Torrent

    Windroy Torrent


    36 Seeds 42 Peers

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    Windroy (WindowsAndroid) is a project that combines YouWave and Bluestacks in Windows and attempts to emulate Windows. Your goal is to launch Android applications and be as simple as other Windows programs.

    Android is a version running on WindowsAndroid. It starts quickly and offers a basic Android experience, which has some disadvantages.

    WindowsAndroid You do not have Google Play in the application, save your Android apps. To run the program, you need to downloadthe APK file and install the SocketeQ folder windowsandroid_root system .

    WindowsAndroid currently does not require audio and the web browser is unstable. However, this is a new project, and these must be addressed during development. It’s also an easy way to get Android for startups and exits.

    WindowsAndroid are still very new. A good project runs Android on Windows, but today it is far from being dagoperphite.

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  • YTD Video Downloader Download Free Torrent

    YTD Video Downloader Download Free Torrent

    YTD Video Downloader

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    There are many video uploaders but not as good as YTD Video Downloader. Highest Video Downloader is a great tool for storing your favorite videos from YouTube and other video websites.

    Cut and paste the URL

    YTD Video Downloader will ask you if you want to use another program, but you can choose to exit this by pressing the Reject button. After that the installation is very fast and automatically opens YTD Video Downloader.Interfeysreasonable. Once you have copied a YouTube video or link to the clipboard, it will be automatically recognized and pasted into the URL field. Now you can download Full HD 1080p quality and lower quality. Just click on the big red “Download” button at the bottom and the highest video downloader instantly It starts to load.

    Switch to another format

    The activity window shows the status of your upload, and we find that the tryhvilinnae video charges abouta minute. You can also play live downloaded videos directly or by clicking on the play tab. There is a right-click menu on the Activity tab where you can play or YTD in the default player, and delete, pause, rename, etc. files.

    You can also convert the video after downloading by using multiple presets for iPod, iPad, MP4, Windows Media, and more. To download and modify at the same time, you must upgradeStatuson pro version, though. The conversion takes about the same amount of time as the download.

    Please note that you can add many download videos and change what you want, so you can only create them in YTD Video Downloader to download and view them. To change multiple files at the same time, you must upgrade to the Pro version again.


    Overall, Video Downloader has been a YouTube Video Downloaderperfect since the beginning of the year, easyto use, fast and efficient.

    Rating 46 4


  • DMG Extractor Download

    DMG Extractor Download

    DMG Extractor

    42 Seeds 19 Peers

    Download Virus free

    Open the DMG file access tool easily and easily without asking you to change or convert the file to .ISO first. Download it for free and try this great gadget today!

    Find a closed file

    Sometimes you need to open a DMG file and recover the saved data. DMG Extractor is very special and is managed for its purpose and performs this function well. Works with Zlib Bzip2 Zlib and former Zero DMG type and has the ability to stimulate all different typesthis is. You can also play videos directly from a DMG file, but to remove them effectively. Great feature!

    Free application

    You need to prepare a DMG file that is possible for something that has failed and you want to fix it. You do not want to find instruments that can work and pay for them. The DMG Extractor is completely free so you can not license the license to see if it will help with this problem. The best software for this free app does not come anywherepackage with any free spyware or bloatware. Download DMG DMG today for all your DMG file management needs and see how you can work!

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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

    35 Seeds 45 Peers

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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is one of the best platforms for fans of this great sport. The latest version offers more options for players, games and competitions. You must select between the two options at this time. These are standard and premium add-ons. Both will be released in 2018.

    Key and fun features

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is available in 17 languages. A user can play it, multiple options will also be available (a fast internet connection is required). With thepremium add-on, the list of players from Barcelona (FCB), such as Lionel Messi, and images associated with this version can be more versatile than previous versions. When Konami Digital Entertainment is produced, users will certainly receive a great package.

    additional information

    It is predictable that this game is available before it is publicly available. Some also choose to participate in a program called myClub. That is itHet offers extra bonuses, such as talentedplayers and agents (like renting for the rest). The game is compatible with personal computers in the Xbox One PlayStation series.

    The latest version of the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 game is Windows Konami. Although PES 2013 Pro Evoultion Football 2012 looks great, it has subtle changes in gameplay and graphics.


    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is more convenient than in the previous version of the game, It looks like football simulation, PES 2012 action game. Although some elements inspiredseem to be by FIFA 12, this is not a bad thing.


    The relatively restrictive management system of PES 2012 analyzed Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Konami Programmer calls the new PES FullControl operating system. There is a new dynamic touch function, the player can capture the ball button with the R2 button immediately after checking the field.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 manual transition It offers, and for the first time, manual shooters have been introduced, so you can change the height and strength.FullControl also improves dribbling, slows down the speed of the player and allows each player to add his sharp controls to different styles using the R2 button.

    Improvements in manuals The Evolution Soccer 2013 FullControl system will certainly improve the game that PES fans enjoy. However, beginners can participate in the game no problem

    The tactics of the previous version have not been added, and it still seems a bit. Like me alreadysaid, the changes in the game have fallen sharply to talk about the instructions of a coach in the corner of the screen when you call him.

    There are still a number of games from Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 to easily earn points. For example, you can easily get a defense thanks to a long combination of balls / chips.


    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 player focuses on improving the image, since players behave like real realities Bizitza: like aprogrammer called a “PlayerID”. Famous players will race, run, kick, move the ball and even let it happen in real life.

    As far as the resemblance of players is concerned, PES 2013 is closest to football that we have seen. FIFA Improvement 12. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 graphics are great for team-entry-specific sets of shoes

    Unfortunately, the animated animation Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not confusing in some places. Players feel safeand not realistic and throwing goals is very ridiculous and uneven. The supposed improvement of the predecessors of the previous version seemed us effective. In fact, the doors are more unfortunate than ever.

    The effect of the enginePro Evolution Soccer 2013 is spectacular; You will notice how players play each other how much does your movement (free) affect you? However, the FIFA engine is behind the collision, depending on the animation range.


    Those who were disappointedwith PES 2012 will be somewhat relaxed thanks to the changes made to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, but there is still much to do with this game.

    ProEvolution Soccer 2013 is a high-quality football and gives the player a great look.

    Rating 35 2


  • Nitro PDF Pro 9 64-Bit Free Download Torrent

    Nitro PDF Pro 9 64-Bit Free Download Torrent

    Nitro PDF Pro 9

    30 Seeds 45 Peers

    Download Virus free


    Nitro PDF Professional creates a PDF and full editing product. The professional application gives you full control of PDF documents, including creating, commenting, completing forms and authoring, digital signatures, editing text, creating Microsoft Office without a license and more.

    Nitro PDF Professional is a convenient alternative to Adobe Acrobat for people who want to use PDF.


    Create a PDF:

    Creating PDF and PDF / A documents from almost any Windows file.

    Convert files togetherPDF documentSingle

    Convertwhole collections of files to PDF in one batch.

    Scan paper documents to PDF.

    Create a PDF button from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

    Create ‘smart’ PDF documents with Microsoft Office’s bookmarks, links, metadata, and security.

    Copy and Export PDF:

    Export PDF to be reused in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and more.

    Use different conversion methods to export files that look exactly like the other edible PDF that is easier to edit and reuse.

    Pretty texts andimages of PDF documents.

    Download convert PDF files to Word, RTF, and text formats.

    Copy text while keeping formatting, including font, color and size.

    Edit PDF:

    Insert and edit text, including font, size, color and more.

    Edit images insert, resize, rotate, crop, turn, reset, sort, delete, and delete.

    Edit image properties of brightness, contrast, color space and decision.

    Edit insert, delete, rotate, crop, remove and reset pages.

    SharePDF document pagesbased on page groups, page ranges, and page goal structure.

    Add headings, footers, watermarks, and text page in a document.

    Add Bates counts across a collection of PDF documents.

    Add and edit bookmarks and links.

    Create bookmarks automatically based on text formatting and document headings.

    Create links based on keywords and page numbers.

    Optimization, shrinkage and repair of PDF documents.

    EditDocument properties including metadata and startupvenues.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR):

    Creating PDF files from paper scans, or PDF image, is perfect for publishing, editing, or archiving.

    Create fully compliant PDF / A documents.

    Create PDF files that can be modified and modified documents using the Editable Text feature.

    Create easy to search documents, PDF / A that accompanies archiving with ‘Searchable Image’ mode.

    Multi-language supportive.

    Review and Mark PDF:

    Highlight text content with Highlights, Underline, Transferand Reset Text Tools.

    Add Sticky Notes, Text Boxes, and Call Out Annotations.

    Add Handmade drawings with the Pencil tool.

    Add drawing shapes, including lines, arrows, rectangle, objects, polygons and clouds.

    Apply for stamps to pages, selecting standard and built stamps or your own customized creatures.

    Attach documents and other files to your PDF pages.

    Add explanatory text and other feedback to your marks.

    Arrangingand managing comments.

    Filter comments based on type, author, status, subject, and more.

    Summarize the comments easily visible alongside page content. Look at the PDF summary or print it for a paper review.

    PDF Security:

    Safe documents with passwords and certificates.

    Encryption with 40-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit level security.

    Apply for restrictions on printing, copying and PDF documents modes

    Create and apply reusable security profiles.

    Signs and certificationPDF files digitally.

    PDF forms:

    Fill, save, print and submit forms.

    Design forms.

    Add, edit running javascript.

    What’s New in Version:

    New Features:

    – Silent Updates, update the latest features and improvements

    -Active 64-bit native for better overall performance on compatible systems

    – Barcodes can be created and edited in Forms


    – Pane Bookmark with multiple updates

    – The Cadw Annotation now allowsuse the annotation equipment on an ongoing basis

    – Find a search function from the current page

    – Introduction Headlines, Footers and Watermarks (HFW) Preview for adding and editing HFW

    – XFDF Format can be exported and imported in different ways

    – HTML Response can be shown after its submission form

    – XFA support has improved

    Decisions Released:

    – Repairs and general threat updates

    Setting Notes:

    1] Set the program

    2] Close internet connection {** Important **}

    3]Run the “”

    4] Open the set program

    5] A new window will open

    6] Go to the “Help” button “Activate” button “Advanced”. A new window will open

    7] Then click “” button. There will be an open new window.

    8] Copy the “ID Set” and Paste it into the Keygen

    9] Now at Nitro Pro, click next.

    10] In keygen, Click “Serial” and “Activation” buttons, one by one

    11] Copy-Glue the “Serial” to the serial movie and “Activation code” to the activation certificate field.

    12] Enjoy 🙂

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  • Hoxx VPN Proxy torrent

    Hoxx VPN Proxy torrent

    Hoxx VPN Proxy

    43 Seeds 30 Peers

    Download Virus free

    Proxy VPN Hoxx for Chrome is a useful tool if the operator wants to hide his current IP address. VPN software is often used to view blocked websites, download certain movies from a certain region, or stream video from third-party vendorsin real time. It is also effective when using public wireless servers.

    Main functions and materials

    Indeed, Proxy VPN Hoxx for Chrome acts as a “mask”, which blocks its own personal IP address from the busy eyes. A good idea – someone is trying tohide information that can be sensitive without authority. Another important advantage of this phase is that it is called 4.096-bit encryption. In general, technically this shows that all sent or received data will remain completely closed. italso the reason why the Proxy VPN Hoxx Phrasebook Chrome often uses it to connect to existing VoIP software.

    Features and other tools

    Less than 100 administrators are associated with the Hoxy VPN proxy for Chrome, and they are located in different regions of the world. Therefore, usuallyyou can access this service regardless of its physical location. The last advantage of this package is that it is free and does not require a subscription type.

    Rating 34 4


  • Adblock Plus for Chrome Download

    Adblock Plus for Chrome Download

    Adblock Plus for Chrome

    10 Seeds 32 Peers

    Download Virus free

    Adblock Plus is the most popular free browser blocker for Chrome for your browser.

    In block

    When you perform a site search, you will know ads that may cause annoyance. They escape, turn around and, as a rule, break through. If you’re really unhappy,they can be dangerous. Adblock Plus brings up ads from the pages you see, leaving you clean and peaceful white areas.

    He adds – works with the use of filtering. If there are some elements in the middle of the page, create a filter. There are many filters to create, and you canselect the way you like from the Adblock Plus settings menu.

    All are closed

    If you have more technical capabilities, you can also create your own filters or pre-selected markers by right-clicking them and selecting Block Item. This is facilitated by the developer who points outon issues that can be hidden along with filters.

    In the Adblock settings, you can also add websites to whitelists (to exclude them from blocking) and change other options. You can also see the Adblock Plus icon in the address bar and you can click on itturn it on or off. Adblock Plus in one click.

    Close to the block

    If you’re having trouble surfing the web, try Adblock Plus. You will not regret it. Adblock Plus is also available for Firefox. Eyeo GmbH provides more information on adding to this on its website.

    Rating 12 5


  • Celtx torrent download

    Celtx torrent download


    16 Seeds 16 Peers

    Download Virus free

    Final Draft is considered one of the best scenarios for available tools. However, carrots and other offer Celtx.

    However, Celtx is attempting to cover two screenwriters in pre-production in a software package that combines the so-called full function of multimedia scenarios with pre-production support. It is also suitable for those who want to work far behind each other, which allows them to create on the Internet.

    the word of your name, in each case, if it’s betterCeltx software, but also because they are hard to compare to Final Draft. Deliver it, and it has a great positive fight for novice writers. Celtx, which helps you to write, making it easier to analyze and edit. Many users have put scriptwriters under pressure, but even authors can be easily customized.

    Therefore, it is clear that you do not need collaborative opportunities. Celtx has online collaboration support, but it doesThere is no clear way to hire and invite other users.

    In general, the fact that it’s free, Celtx is a great tool that has just been disappointed or Final Draft on a modest budget.


    Cuts off better than what is and delivers

    Better support in cutting / copying / pasting during these thousand years and sketches

    Cut / Copy / Paste and Singulamulta Photos

    Selection of several objects (picture group)

    Markmany objects and groups during these thousand years

    Move Cut / Copy / Paste again as a group

    Rating 14 4


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