AdiIRC 2.4 download

AdiIRC 2.4 download

AdiIRC 2.4

19 Seeds 12 Peers

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If you have decided to communicate via IRC, you need this specialist client, now that is enough, but I would like to say about this article about AdiIRC. This client can work with plugs that can greatly increase default defects and be compatible with administrators. After downloading and installing quickly, the program will appear in the window in front of us to connect to the server withDetailsChange your alias, select the server and the existing connection port.

Note that the AdiIRC program does not communicate with user-specific servers, but you can also share files with the DDC protocol. If you prefer, you can immediately open multiple servers, then change them to switch between tabs in the browser. The client can build multiple communication servers, if you want to add them.

There is already one type of program that is known, with a complete agreement and no problem. You can configure the ClientTo switch to channel automatically if communication is empty, you can set different alarm sound to event.

The AdiIRC program is not the most popular among its members, but it does not mean anything, I think, all the locations and chips are pretty here, so I recommend working with IRC. At least you can not prove it and you already have your own collection. You do not have an integrated service provider, you start talking once, and you can add it, like thatI mention Above, if you want, you just have to remember it.

By the way, write, the screen does not need to be feared, in English I know that, in fact, I have forgotten Russian support, it is true, it is not easy to make this perception, the setting will run, Click on the tool icon on the main common windows tab that needs to You select – in the bottom right after restakezuPrograma restart, a much better language!

How to install:

Included in the statement

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