ImageJ k 1 64-Bit

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ImageJ k 1

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ImageJ is a Java-based application to scan images.

As an ImageJ or an online applet or downloadable program, you can find it here. ImageJ can print, edit, analyze, process, store and print images of 8-bit 16-bit and 32-bit formats, such as FIB, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, and “sharp”.

ImageJ The zagrafichki designer we’ve calculated for the main use area and pixel values ​​can be helpful. However,This will be more than just wel’N, so you can measure distances and angles, and lynprofiel digtheidshistogramme creators. The image supports other standard functions such as counter-manipulative, skerping, smooth operation, randdeteksie and average filtering.

ImageJ Java may be a bit slow, it’s a decent tool to scan the image, it’s completely free.


DodadenislikataPile Tools Remove the Slice Labels command.

Conversion batch processBewerkingsgemiddeldes when off.

Thanks to Michael Doube, the image that can cause an exception to the mistake made is that the window is closed while the stack is stored in TIFF format.

Thank you Valerian Mussi, the manager who caused the ROI ochekuvaka expects when the origin of the image was not the basic mistakes to work maliciously.

“-” keyboard shortcuts (zoomed / out) work as a result of a “+” error by Thomas Carlsson, and sometimes “+” and non-US keyboards.

Fixed bugs that walk () macro prompted “open= Empty features such as “,” size = min max “and” bundle = first load “.

Fiksnaregresija) method (failed.

Rating 42 5





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