Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 64 Bit KUCHIKU Download Torrent

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 64 Bit KUCHIKU Download Torrent

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15

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Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional includes everything you need for top management and professional data management options open systems never before possible. Tools such as high-performance file exclusion filters effective backup and recoverywork, Paragon sophisticated distribution of engine power for editing virtual hard disks, system backup Hyper-V guest includes powerful scripting capabilities, enhanced support for virtual machines more hard disk shminkaHard Disk Manager Professional system of preferencesand control software on the market.

System for data backup

Back up all of Windows, detailed descriptions or selected files. Using scripts to automate common tasks and benefit from different backup virtual containers simplifywork with virtual environments. Whatever you choose compact format pVHD or backup for nastupnyhvykorystovuvaty as a virtual machine (eg, Hyper-V, virtual container), kjesekogash have a complete set of backup options (file-based industriesindustry, differential or incremental backups or adds special file). Password protection keeps protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. For data that require special protection, Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional supports drivesversleuteld BitLocker.


With Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional, it will zavzhdybezpechni. Existing backup is not a problem to return through integrated assistant even different hardware or virtual environments (such as VMware Workstation, Oracle VirtualMS box and Hyper-V). This gives you complete flexibility and can recover allsystem, only certain sections or individual files. Universal installer image (UIM) provides full access to the files secured at all times. Simple backup archive site as it stantsiymistytsya network files will already be available as they would with a regular hard drive.

ParagonRecovery Medium

If operativensistemot not be loaded, you can start your computer with Paragon System Recovery Environment and pressure existing stocks provide important data or error repair download. New Recovery Media Builder makes it extremely easy and flexible to createyour own personal recovery environment. And thanks to modern technology WinPEookzo intuitive environment restoration work. Your backup on a network drive? Then use advanced capabilities include all network configuration and at mrezhavozitesame time create recovery media.

SEO partitions

Advanced Search Topics handle any partition operations and help make the best use of the space on your hard disk. It does not matter whether you prepare the hard drive for usemultiple operating systems or pererozpodiluoblast between sections, you altijdU highest performance SSD drives and hard drives come with 4K sectors and RAID volumes with automatic alignment division **.

ParagonConnectVD can work with virtual hard disksand is an indispensable tool for anyone who uses the virtual environment. ConnectVD makes it easy to manage virtual disks for anything from love or MFT defragmentation of data. Advanced mode is tochnymanaliz and repair tools on hand that can eliminate the problemdownloading or analyze the state of the hard drive.

virtualization migration

Switching windows system from virtually any source to any target if your old hard diskdo fast SSD. Almost assistant you step by step to the desired result, but leaves a lot of settingsoptions. Move system Windows, the new equipment has never been easier!

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional virtualizatsiyipotochna system, or quickly and easily transforms existing stocks in a virtual machine. Copy existing virtual machines with just a few mouse clicksand is designed for use with various hypervisor (VMware Workstation from DEMS Hyper-V). This also works with non uspeavirtualizations performed using third-party software.

Secure data deletion

Your personal data only for you, even if your old hard driveretirement. vyviddaleni but data can be recovered with the best zelfsals hard drive is destroyed by mechanical means. Delete feature on the hard disk manager, however, can make room for storage and ensure that DATAS once and for all removed. All you needdo is to include military grade algorithms gebruikenafvegen (poedinechnoili or in combination) or develop their own!

Hard Disk Manager Version 15 now allows sweeping functions SSD SSDi securely delete data without reducing the life of SSD-drives!

BitLocker support

Many actions *** Hard Disk Manager15 Professional offers can also be used for discs encoded with encryption technology Microsoft BitLocker. A big plus for those who manage sensitive data on their computers!


– agent-MS Hyper-V Backup

– Secure data wipe, even SSD-drives




-installing MicrosoftVisual C ++ (2010 2015)

run the program



Install Microsoft Visual C ++ (2010 2015)

run the program

Win 10 64bit – screen after installation:

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