Left 4 Dead full Download Torrent

Left 4 Dead full Download Torrent

Left 4 Dead

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Left 4 Dead is a survival Neuve multiplayer fps from Valve, makers Half-Life series. He comes to the script full of infected zombies, with the three survivors. Zombies, like in a horror movie 28 days later, clumsy monsters are not old, but with lightning speed, and you do tvargorad. The first time it happens in the game.

The game starts at night, you and your team are trying to take the subway from the roof. As soon as you enter Prvizgrada, you can only see with flash air. Neon response is required to have a mixed chainAnd deliver zombiimchatstsa to you. The only time you will feel comfortable, even if his entire team, gives you enough light to see.

We have in the Left 4 Dead demo with one player, so the rest of the team was under the control of the operating system. They seem to be very effective, but of course, it will be better with four people. Keyboard and mouse control work well, physics Grafikai big and scary sound good. Weapons sounded great, just the soothing sound of the game, and the broom and groan far enough, unfortunately,Not too far from zombies to keep the tension.

: Left 4 Dead, decide for adults a game with a lot of blood, gore and crude language. Horror fans will love it if you do not believe that those who fled the zombies are zombies insulting knowledge in general. Attack speed gives a real sense of panic play, soast phase finds yourself shooting out of fear more than anything else.

: Left 4 Dead is a fantastic, fast and frightening first person shooter who deserves to play anyone who dares.

Rating 44 5





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