Ma Rosa 2017 Full Torrent

Ma Rosa 2017 Full Torrent

Ma Rosa 2017

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Ma Rosa The husband and wife Rosa and Nestor have four children, their family working a small grocery store in the poor district of Manila, but the income from their retail business alone is not enough to meet the daily needs of the family’s. So, the couple sells illicit drugs in their storeAs a side business. But one day, they are detained by the police, asking “for security of money” or bribes for the liberation of the couple`s. Rosa’s children who are themselves to deal with the struggle of everyday life, free the way vindenom of their imprisoned parents.

Language: Filipino

Layout: 18

Are commonRelease date: March 9, 2017


Duration: 1:00 50 minutes

Distributor: GSC Movies

Cast: Jacqueline Jose, Julio Diaz, Baron Geisler

Directed by: Brillante Mendoza

Format: 2D

A roadside young doctor named Lily wakes up from a car accident, without a memory of his present life. She discovers,That she married her boyfriend`s rival. Mitch Kayne, matirjapjat-year-old son and does not have a settled life zeherinnert anything. While everyone around her, including her parents about the existence of her friend Neil denies, Lily begins to doubt her own discretion whenMemories of Neil go one by one to reborn, resulting in a number of inexplicable and harassing incidents. While she is trying desperately to seek the truth about her past life, she finds her very existence in doubt.


Layout: N / A

CommonExit date 6April 2017

Genre: Adventure / Romance

Duration: 1:00 32 minutes

Distributor Mega Movie Distribution Sdn Bhd

Cast: Michelle Chen, Jackson Rathbone, Sung Kang

Director: John Hua Lim Lang

Format: 2D

Rating 44 3





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