Comodo Dragon 43 full Torrent

Comodo Dragon 43 full Torrent

Comodo Dragon 43

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Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser that given the chrome source code for Google Chrome. It’s fast, powerful and has many opportunities for making online search more;

The first priority: Online usalamaComodo Dragon is more than a simple “copy” of Chrome. It comes with some very useful features and many securityoptions. During installation, for example, this program gives you the option of adding Comodo SecureDNS, which ensures safe web browsing and restricts access to high-risk areas.

ThekisakuzitheWebInspectorinclude online services, a tool that confirms the security of the site, and Privdog,blocking ads, cookies, trackers and three widgets.

In addition, Comodo Dragon also comes with Media Downloader to download videos online for free, and feature instantly share web content on your accounts Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It is also yield severalinteresting options for finding and sharing online products. You can highlight text and then drag and drop voyakukimbia search address bar of Google, Google Images, GoogleTranslate, YouTube or Wikipedia. You can also share links and content on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn by simply dragging and dropping margins browser kushoto.Kama Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon creates a separate process for each open tab includes bookmark manager, and has a home page with an overview of the most visited web sites, and option to createprivate search online. Comodo zmejisto also supports installable oupanuzi as;

kifahariKatika design requirements for usage, Comodo Dragonis very different from chromium. I mpleand design is elegant and domination of blacks. On the other hand, it seems more rigid of the Google search engine.

AccessoriesMenu is at hand lev (not the right, as in Chrome). Near the address bar, you can find the button to Privdog, WebInspector, Share and media;

If Chrome, but zaidikauli blowing developer says “bezbedno.povekje version of Chrome” And so far, Comodo Dragon fulfill his promise.

internetSearch is fast, but more importantly, it is very careful when itcomes to privacy and network security. Plugs preinstalled is very good, and Comodo SecureDNS is of paramount importance to prevent areas with high risk of malware and other online threats.

ComodoDragon browser is ideal if you are looking for something a little more advanced than Google Chrome in terms of features. It is perfect for anyone who wantsmorebezbednosta use;

Rating 12 3





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